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Want to have a private party venue in Bournemouth? Hire with Canvas

Planning an event or celebration? Why not celebrate with Canvas at our private party venue in Bournemouth.

Are you looking to celebrate a birthday or some kind of occasion? You might want to have a space where you and some friends can party for the night without having people from the public disturbing you. Whatever you want Canvas will be able to provide to you. We are known for putting on a great party and it’s no different with our private hire. You have three different locations within our building where you can have your party and each of these will provide you with a different experience. Whether you want to be in the live lounge with a mixture of your friends and the public but have your own private seating area, or if you want a more private experience in our cocktail bar or green room, the choice is yours.

Canvas has an amazing range of drinks from draft beer and cider to wines and champagnes, there is also an extensive collection of spirits as well. These drinks will be your fuel to keep dancing through the night and there’s enough to try something different every time you go up to the bar. Our award-winning bar staff are more than capable of making brilliant cocktails and other drinks you might request during the night. The live lounge can fit between 75 to 200 people inside of it and the cocktail bar fits 100 people inside of it with 45 being seated if you are in need of some extra space in the cocktail lounge, it can be opened into the live lounge for more space. Want to see what our nights out look like? Take a look at our gallery to see hundreds of photos of our customer’s experiences.

Why do people go out clubbing? Is it the experience? Can it be replaced? Our answer to that question is no because it’s a unique experience you get nowhere else.

What is the reason we all like to go out and have fun in nightclubs? Not everyone has the same reason and that is why all of our packages aren’t the same, you can choose what you want to do. With us, you can dance under the lights sipping your favourite drink with all of your best friends. It’s nights like that you will remember forever, so why not make it special and have the best birthday night out that you and your friends have ever had. You might just meet someone you really like as well. The amazing thing about going to a nightclub is that you have no idea what is going to happen and you just have to go with the flow.

Sometimes the night can be great and other times it’s just a normal night out but there’s always one thing that is constant and that is Canvas putting on a great show. There’s nothing quite like singing along to live music, played by fantastic artists; This is the reason why our live lounge is also an award winner. So instead of just having a normal night outcome to our private party venue in Bournemouth, but be quick otherwise someone else might get the date you want.


Live Lounge

We go loud and late every weekend.

The room hosts a stage where artists come to perform some of their best songs. You will be partying all night long with beer and cider on tap, cocktails, wines, champagnes and a range of spirits to keep you fuelled throughout the night. The live lounge features four large booths for added intimacy for guests with extra tables and chairs if needed. This area is ideal for private hire but you must be quick as it is only available for private hire on Saturdays and Sundays. The live lounge can fit 75 – 200 people inside of it, so why not book it out for all of your friends and family to dance under the lights all night.


Cocktail Bar

Featuring a spectacular selection of spirits.

Want to drink cocktails with your friends and enjoy some great music. The main cocktail bar can only be hired during the days or when we are closed to the public (Monday & Tuesday). The room can fit 100 people with 45 seated; the bar has a significant range of whiskey, rum and gins. Spirits, not your taste? Why not sit back and enjoy a glass of champagne or wine while others indulge in their cocktails. The bar can be opened up to the live lounge if you need more space for your event.


The Green Room

Shh! This is a secret.

You’ll have to keep this one to yourself but “The Green Room” is our latest addition to Canvas, known as our secret bar. It boasts an extensive gin menu with over 50 gin flavours, you’ll be entertained all night just from trying a new one every time you want a drink. It’s speakeasy-style adds something different to the building and will give you a unique feel to your event/party. We have cocktail, canape and buffet options also available.

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Open Friday and Saturday nights, we go loud and late every weekend.

Located in Bournemouth’s Soho Quarter and known as “Bournemouth’s award-winning loft bar and live lounge” Canvas is the place to be. Our venue sports a huge emphasis on showcasing high-quality live acts and dynamic DJs. This, mixed with our award-winning bartenders, incredible cocktails and artisan décor, gives us our winning formula.

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Best venue to open in Bournemouth in years. Love the atmosphere , food and music. The coolest decor . It’s like being in a New York loft apartment . It’s the sort of place that you like to spend time in because it envelops you and makes you feel good, you don’t want to leave!! Love it

Absolutely loved this stylish, sophisticated new loft bar. The decor was chic and sexy, with great music and buzzing atmosphere!